Success from the Bottom Up

Posted on August 29, 2018 by Hulk Code, Inc. Collaborator | 0 Comments

Success is grown from the bottom up. Your opinion on the person above has already begun. Which one can ride a horse and which one can own the bank??

Whether it's a new work role you are looking to land, a glamorous partner you are perusing or a prospect you are partnering - there is one thing that is always the same....... your success starts from the bottom up. Good luck in your pursuit and make sure you are prepared.

If you need help with your shoes we are there for you :)

* btw - the bank owner and the horse rider above is the same person... :)

Why the loafer rocks???

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The loafer rocks for a simple reason.

The loafer was first created in Norway (in 1950). The original design was an evolution of the moccasin (originally worn by Indians in North America). The loafer was created for comfort however over the past 70 years it has evolved. The loafer now exudes style and formality.

The loafer can now be worn in a boardroom meeting, a wedding or a funeral and is now considered the most elegant foot on the planet – it’s been promoted from casual to King.

Welcome to joining the leisure of the loafer!!


Does buying loafers actually save you money??

Posted on April 03, 2018 by Ramon Elzinga | 0 Comments


What are you on about you say? If you are buying loafers ... are you are actually saving money???

So here's how it goes.

Let's say you are super sharp and you tie your laces in only 30 seconds. You go to the gym so you tie them twice a day...or 1 minute per day. You're also paid well (you want a pay rise) and right now you are making $60 per hour. That's $1 per minute.

So each day tying your laces (when you can't work) costs you 1 minute... which costs you $1 (because you can't work).

So if you buy a pair of loafers and you save 1 minute per day (and you work around 200 days) then you actually save $200.

Loafers only costs $195. You save $5.

Buy them and a coffee and you break even :)


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